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Precision Aerospace Group Closes Multimillion-Dollar Credit Facility

Jun 3, 2024

[Miami, Fla., May 2024] – Precision Aerospace Group, Inc. (PAG), a provider of products and value-added services to the Aerospace, Defense, and Space industries, is pleased to announce that it has closed a multimillion-dollar funding partnership with an institutional lender. This credit facility will allow PAG and its operating entities to draw against their available assets, providing essential liquidity to support growth and expansion initiatives.

The revolving line of credit offers PAG and its subsidiaries the flexibility to borrow funds as needed, helping the company optimize its capital utilization and manage financing costs effectively. This innovative financing solution ensures PAG and its subsidiaries can leverage their existing assets for access to capital when required, providing strategic support for growth.

“By securing a financing partner that understands the unique needs of Precision Aerospace Group and its subsidiaries, we have achieved significant advantages over traditional financing methods,” said Maynard Hellman, Chairman of the Board at PAG. “This partnership saves PAG and its subsidiaries money while providing them with the support necessary to pursue their growth strategies.”

The increased liquidity provided by the line of credit allows PAG and its subsidiaries to be more aggressive in bidding on more and larger contracts. This newfound flexibility and capital support enable PAG to expand its reach and secure a broader range of projects.

As PAG’s subsidiaries secure new contracts and grow their operations, the funding partnership can swiftly adjust the line of credit ceiling to support these changes, ensuring ongoing financial backing to address the business’s evolving needs. Additionally, PAG intends to expand the line of credit as it acquires new businesses, enabling the company to capitalize on additional growth opportunities as it continues to scale. Accessing the credit facility is contingent upon available collateral and compliance with the terms and conditions established by PAG and the lender. This strategic plan positions PAG to take full advantage of future prospects.

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Precision Aerospace Group, Inc. is a provider of products and value-added services to the Aerospace, Defense, and Space industries. Founded with a vision to enhance support markets for these industries, PAG offers unparalleled service offerings and capabilities to its customers. For more information, visit

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