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Discover our network of corporate partners and advisors, each contributing valuable expertise to support Precision Aerospace Group’s strategic objectives.

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Our strategy prioritizes organic growth and synergistic opportunities among our group members, emphasizing experienced management, enduring customer relationships, and specialized, high-barrier businesses. At PAG, we are more than mere aggregators; we are dedicated owner-operators focused on sustaining growth and providing comprehensive aerospace solutions.

Target Company Profile

  • Tier 2 & 3 Aerospace and Defense businesses.
  • Companies with experienced management and established customer relationships.
  • Niche, hard-to-replicate businesses with high barriers to entry.
  • Demonstrated track record as owner-operators for 10 to 20 years.
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Market Opportunity

  • Increased defense needs as a result of current conflicts and global tensions resulting in increased military spending for the foreseeable future.
  • Significant increase in commercial aviation orders and deliveries for both Boeing and Airbus, resulting in surging demand for Tier 2 and Tier 3 outsourced production.
  • Wave of retirement looms as aging Boomer’s leave the workforce seeking succession and exit strategies.
  • COVID crisis resulting in widespread Tier 3 business failures, causing supply chain disruptions and record order backlogs.
  • Robust developments within space, unmanned aerial vehicles, and drone technologies serve as attractive opportunities for traditional A&D suppliers to diversify end-market and customer exposure.
  • Key M&A themes include acquisitions by commercial suppliers to diversify their end-markets, acquisitions of lower tiered companies to sure-up its supply base, and consolidation in the fragmented aerospace market.
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Corporate Partnerships

At Precision Aerospace Group, we value your interest in potential partnerships. Our Corporate Partnerships team is here to assist with inquiries and discuss partnership opportunities further. Please feel free to reach out for general inquiries or to explore potential partnerships for mutual success.

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Corporate Partners and Advisors

Kreit & Chiu CPA, LLP

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Farber Hass Hurley LLP
Kaufman Rossin

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Lucosky Brookman LLP

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Westpark Capital
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Tap Financial Partners

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